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When to Repair or Replace Garage Doors

Choosing to replace your garage doors is an important balance between wanting to save money and get the most out of your repair. It is important to consider if you should repair your garage door or if you should just scrap the whole thing and go for a brand new door.

repair or replace garage door

The underdog necessity of the front of your personal castle, not to mention the improvement of the curb appeal that comes with the perfect garage door, the garage door needs to be carefully considered.

I have listed below some considerations when it comes to deciding if you want to repair or replace your door:

Damaged Garage Doors

This occurs when a specific incident wrecks your door in significant ways. If you live in areas with high winds in the summer, then this could mean objects banging into your door destroying it.

This could also mean that there was some sort of collision, such as a car, which significantly damaged the internal parts of the door mechanics. The many parts of the garage door come together to create a smooth operation that many of us don’t even see happening. If one of these parts is significantly damaged then the door could be a serious threat to you and your family.

It would be a wise decision to consult the insurance you have on your garage door to consider your options. You could end up finding something that could save you hundreds of dollars, depending on the type of damage and the extent of it.

Wear and Tear

This is the sort of damage that is much more likely to happen to the average garage door owner, and it certainly wears and tears at the beauty of your home, its curb appeal to potential buyers, and the overall ease of use for your daily routine.

Wear and tear can be anything from your kids playing tennis against the paneling (guilty of this), from high winds wearing down on the hinges of the door. Overtime if these actions continue to wear down on your door, a simple repair can turn into an expensive replacement.

Wood models need to be protected from cracking and warping. Wooden doors that are over 15 years old need to be considered for replacements.

Operation of Your Garage Door

If the overall operation of the door is consistent one day and inconsistent the next day the repair could be very simple. If, however the door has completely stopped working than it is obviously time for a replacement.

Even if it is a combination of these two the door needs to be seriously checked out by a professional in order to keep you and your family safe and happy.