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How to Remove Oil Stains

Oil Stains are common practice for those of us that either keep our car in the garage, are training our teenagers how to change their oil, or just enjoy tinkering around on various projects. It is very common to have these stains, and they are not too difficult to remove if you do a little research.

remove oil stains from garage floor

I have listed below a very simple method that can be done with a few easy-to-find materials than can help transform your garage floor.

Step 1: Absorb Excess Oil with Cat Litter

This doesn’t necessarily need to be cat litter, but this is what most people should have on hand. If you do not have this, any absorptive powder will do. Cover the stain with the powder you choose to use so that all of the extra oil is out of the way for when you start scrubbing the next step.

You should leave the NON-CLUMPING powder (clay-based powder is useful) for at least a few hours; even for a couple of days if you have space. After this, sweep up the powder.

Step 2: Cover the Stain with Dish Soap

Cover the stain with your choice of dish soap, which will break up the molecules of grease and assist you in scrubbing it out next step. Without this step, you are in for a long and tedious Forrest-Gump-talking-to-Bubba scrubbing session.

Step 3: Elbow Grease with Your Choice of Scrub

I would suggest getting a high-quality scrubbing brush for this part of the job. The better the materials you use the less strain you put on your body. Work the brush rapidly in circles with the necessary amount of soapy water for the tougher stains. Do this until you see some quality results. After you have finished rinse away all the soapy water and leave the area to dry.

A few other options include using Coca-Cola or dry laundry detergent. Coca-Cola is frighteningly acidic (makes you wonder why we tend to enjoy drinking it!) and is highly capable of breaking down the greasy molecular structure that oil stains have.

This makes scrubbing very easy, and I would even say better than dish soap. I would suggest using Cherry Coke, as it is strangely enough found to be the most acidic. Dry laundry detergent is another favorite among gas station attendants and grocery store managers because it is so cheap and accessible.

This detergent should be free of any whiteners or brighteners, as this will change the color of your floor to an undesired tone. It is also important to not use liquid laundry detergent, as this will leave your floor too slick.